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ARGUS Associates is a team of experienced professionals who are truly experts in their fields.  By relying on an established network of  these professionals, ARGUS Associates is able to give you the true experts you need to develop your product for ONLY the time you need them.  It is like renting a University professor or world-recognized expert for just the time you need them without killing your budget.

Product Definition Let us help you define your new product.  Allow us to help you make sure it will be viable in the marketplace

Product Design
Let us insure that your product is designed with the state-of-the art tools and methods.  Let us give you the critical edge that will allow you to Patent your new idea.

Product Development
Let us develop your product for manufacture.  We are experts in picking the best way to develop a product so that it WORKS the FIRST TIME!  Our focus on Quality in the process has won us high marks from our clients.

Product Implementation
Let us create your implementation strategies and test plans.  We're experts at getting the entire team up to speed BEFORE release.  We know how to do it... We've done it before.
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